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Environmental Policy

Established in 1805, Truefitt & Hill (Gentlemen’s Grooming) Limited owns and operates its flagship barbershop at St. James’s Street in London, which has officially been named the oldest barbershop in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

We provide luxury gentlemen’s grooming services from our barbershop and produce and sell a wide range of luxury gentlemen’s grooming products and accessories. Our merchandise enjoys worldwide popularity and reputation.

We are proud not only of our history, tradition and unique heritage spanning over 200 years, but also of the highest standards of our services and the exceptional quality of our products, which we have maintained over more than two centuries.

Our vision is to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the finest gentlemen’s grooming products and services to our discerning clientele for centuries to come, while striving to protect our heritage and tradition for future generations .

To achieve our vision, we recognise that we have an obligation to act vigorously to protect the environment, both locally and globally, and to take seriously our responsibility as an organisation to monitor and minimise the short and long term impact our business has on the world around us.

In pursuance of this policy, we will continuously strive to:

- ensure we give paramount consideration to our impact on the environment, use natural resources and energy with great care, and integrate and prioritise environmental concerns and impacts in our everyday decision making process;

- as a minimum, comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation applicable to our industry and follow the best environmental practices;

- choose the most environmentally aware suppliers who source their ingredients and raw materials within a sustainable supply chain, have exhaustive environmental policies and accreditations in place and who review their environmental policies regularly;

- ensure that our business and the suppliers with whom we work comply with all applicable UK and EU environmental laws and regulations;

- work primarily with suppliers based in the UK and source most of our products locally to minimise our carbon footprint;

- work closely with our suppliers to provide high quality, environmentally friendly products and services to enable us to fulfil our commitments;

- be innovative in promoting the development of ‘green formulations’, new technologies and applications that minimise the burden on the environment;

- we endeavour to investigate and use, if feasible, alternative material sources such as recovered and recycled marine plastic and recycled water bottles.

- eliminate all single use plastics within our offices, warehouse and business in general

- use materials to manufacture our products that contain ingredients made with recycled content, which are biodegradable and obtained from natural and sustainable sources that fulfil a similar function;

- reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled, recyclable components and materials;

- reduce our impact on and protect the environment by reduction of our carbon footprint, reduction of energy consumption and the prevention of pollution wherever possible;

- promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our business and supply chain, including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources, especially those that are non-renewable;

- comply with our responsible transport policy, to pool our shipments and deliveries to minimise our carbon footprint and increase efficiency;

- predominantly use rail and sea to distribute our products, limit business travel and encourage our employees to use public transport;

- utilise whenever possible video conference facilities to eliminate necessity of travel;

- ensure that all our products are transported, unloaded, stored and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner;

- ensure our product packaging is obtained only from sustainable sources, is recyclable and that we work with suppliers who have appropriate environmental and social accreditations within their specific field of operations;

- promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner;

- promote and increase awareness amongst our customers of environmental issues through our corporate communications;

- support and work with charities who focus on protection of the environment and social upliftment of disadvantaged communities;

- never permit animal testing in the production or testing of any of our products and insist on regular certification to this effect from our suppliers, who in turn will ensure the same compliance from their suppliers; and

- continuously assess and improve our environmental and sustainability policies and seek new ways to enhance our environmental sustainability within our wider business and in relation to our suppliers.

It is the responsibility of management and employees to implement this policy, in addition to, and in complying with, with their collective and individual responsibilities.

This policy will be made available to relevant external parties on request.