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Trafalgar Cologne

  • £80.00


Revealing its distinguished heritage, our Trafalgar Cologne delightfully blends top notes of lemongrass, bergamot and orange with a spicy heart of nutmeg, lavender and clove. The refined base notes of amber, wood and musk compliment and ground this exceptional fragrance.

Presented in a beautifully etched traditional bottle.

Product size: 100ml


Trafalgar owes its name to one of the most celebrated naval engagements in European history: the Battle of Trafalgar. This famous maritime confrontation took place off Cape Trafalgar on the southern coast of Spain on 21st October 1805  the very year in which William Francis Truefitt established his business. The battle pitted a British fleet of 27 ships, under the command of Admiral Horatio Nelson, against a larger combined fleet of France and Spain. Nelson’s bold battle strategy ensured that 20 French and Spanish ships had been destroyed or captured, while not a single British vessel was lost. 

The overwhelming British victory destroyed Napoleon’s plan to invade England and helped to secure British Naval supremacy for years to come. The British, however, suffered almost 1500 casualties, amongst them Britain’s hero, Admiral Nelson, who was mortally wounded. This captivating and spicy yet fresh woody fragrance, which is both daring and sophisticated, was created for men who (very much like the hero of Trafalgar) tackle life’s little problems with great gusto!


Top Notes: Lemongrass – Bergamot – Orange

Heart Notes: Nutmeg – Lavender Clove 

Base Notes: Amber – Cedarwood – Musk


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