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Spanish Leather Cologne

  • £80.00


The subtle blend of our Spanish Leather Cologne conveys a woody, chypre scent with rich and fragrant top notes of bergamot, orange and pimento, boldly blended with warm and spicy accords of cinnamon, cedar and sandalwood heart notes. An aromatic base of musk, amber, vanilla and tonka firmly grounds this woody, leathery and spicy fragrance, which truly captures the essence of old Granada and Castille.

Presented in a beautifully etched traditional bottle.

Product size 100ml.


This masculine fragrance is one of the oldest in Truefitt’s stable, with the time of its original formulation dating back to around 1814. It is thought to have been formulated during a time when all of England was waiting with great anticipation for any news from Spain regarding the British military campaign that was at the time being led by the gallant Arthur Wellesley (later the 1st Duke of Wellington) in the Peninsular War. Wellington’s military brilliance had led his troops to win a series of victories against Napoleon, which resulted in the expulsion of French and allied armies from Portugal and Spain. In 1815, Wellington’s military career culminated in one of the most legendary battles – the Battle of Waterloo – during which there occurred an incident that gave rise to one of the most famous anecdotes in military history. When a cannonball shattered the leg of one of Wellington’s Generals (Lord Uxbridge), he is reported to have called out to Wellington: “By God, sir. I have lost my leg.” To which Wellington calmly replied: “By God, sir. I believe you have.” As the Duke of Wellington, renowned for his elegance and fastidious personal grooming, he was amongst Truefitt’s most devoted patrons. It is just possible that notes of Spanish Leather accompanied him on the battlefield of Waterloo and witnessed this exchange. This vintage and traditional fragrance was extensively reorchestrated in 2001, bringing it firmly into the 2nd millennium and it has since become a favourite among stylish men who enjoy a touch of nostalgia.


Top Notes: Bergamot – Orange  – Fruit – Pimento

Heart Notes: Carnation  – Cinnamon – Patchouli – Rose – Orris – Cedar – Sandalwood

Base Notes:  Musk  – Amber – Vanilla – Olibanum – Moss – Tonka


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