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Travel Cologne Gift Set

  • £130.00


Truefitt & Hill has cleverly created a scent for every occasion and every season with its unique Travel Cologne Selection, providing a scent solution that works from dawn to dusk for the gentleman on the go.

Adapting one’s look according to the occasion is as important as adapting one’s fragrance. When the winter evenings set in, the temperature plummets and the layers get thicker, wood or spicy oriental notes will reveal a more assertive side of one’s personality, while for the sunny days, light and citrus-based colognes will bring that festive, holiday feeling. Wherever work, or life may take one, Truefitt & Hill’s Travel Cologne Selection is the passport for a happy chap.

The set includes a Sandalwood Cologne (50ml), an Apsley Cologne (50ml) and 1805 Cologne (50ml).

Exclusive to EU countries.



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