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28 February 2019

West Indian Limes Cologne


Since Christopher Columbus discovered the West Indies and claimed them for Spain in 1492, the Spaniards and later the Danes, Dutch, English and French gained great wealth from sugar and tobacco grown in the West Indies and took delight in the native exotic fruits, plants and also spices for their unusual fragrances. The delicate, but powerful fragrance emitted from the leaves, flowers and citrus fruits encouraged their use in a variety of infusions and soon became popular in the Royal Courts of Europe and England.

The Imperial Bouquet, especially blended for Queen Victoria by Truefitt’s perfumers in 1876 to celebrate her crowning as Empress of India, was in fact a floral fougère with zesty and exotic top notes of citrus and orange blossom from which present day West Indian Limes fragrance has evolved. This enchanting fragrance was re-orchestrated in 1989 with great success making it one of Truefitt’s most popular, classic scents, which to this day remains a favourite with British Royalty.

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28 February 2019

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