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"On the Scent" - Introducing Highgrove Splash

"On the Scent" - Introducing Highgrove Splash

We at Truefitt & Hill are delighted to unveil the latest addition to our prestigious Highgrove collection: the captivating Highgrove Splash. Just in time for Father’s Day, this new fragrance is the perfect gift for the sophisticated gentleman.

Highgrove Splash brings a fresh vigour to the Highgrove range. With cedar at its core, this fragrance adds a lively intensity and refined sophistication. It’s a scent that embodies the essence of the Highgrove man, whether he’s navigating the hustle and bustle of the city or enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside.

This scent is an unexpected blend of floral notes and woody undertones. The floral hints evoke memories of carefree days, while the familiar cedar aroma anchors you in the present, ready to create new memories. At Truefitt & Hill, we’ve captured these emotions in Highgrove Splash, bottling both nostalgia and anticipation.

The Highgrove collection is deeply inspired by the enchanting landscape of Highgrove Gardens, the beloved private home of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The magnificent Cedar of Lebanon, once a central feature of these gardens, serves as the muse for this unique collection.

Highgrove Splash continues this tradition with exceptional packaging. It features a segment of a watercolour of The Cedar Tree, Highgrove by HM King Charles III, used with kind permission from The King’s Foundation. The design is enhanced by the iconic Highgrove logo and complemented by a soothing palette of soft greens, paying homage to the natural beauty of Highgrove Gardens.

We are honoured to support The King’s Foundation, donating 10% of net sales of the Highgrove Collection to this worthy cause. His Majesty is the Royal Founding President of The King’s Foundation, an organisation inspired by his vision and values. The Foundation builds and supports communities where people, places, and the planet coexist harmoniously.

The charity offers educational courses to nearly 15,000 students annually, health and wellbeing programmes for around 2,000 people each year, and spearheads placemaking and regeneration projects in the UK and overseas. Many of the Foundation’s pioneering educational programmes in traditional craft skills take place at Highgrove’s Barley Court and Street Farm workshops, adjacent to the gardens.

Highgrove Splash is more than just a fragrance. It’s a tribute to tradition, craftsmanship, and the beauty of Highgrove Gardens. It’s a sophisticated scent for the modern gentleman, perfectly balancing tradition and contemporary elegance. Treat yourself or the special man in your life to this luxurious addition to the Truefitt & Hill Highgrove collection.

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the special men in our lives. Highgrove Splash makes an exceptional gift, embodying the elegance and sophistication that every father deserves. This Father’s Day, give the gift of timeless charm and distinguished fragrance with Highgrove Splash from Truefitt & Hill.

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