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Gym Bag Grooming Essentials

Gym Bag Grooming Essentials

The self-righteous feeling that follows vigorous exercise is hard to beat and for many of us it makes the pain and exertion of a gym workout completely worthwhile.  This welcome afterglow can quickly turn into an obstinate hot flush accompanied by post-exercise sweating, an appearance which doesn’t contribute to a cool and effortless exterior - an essential look when one leaves the gym to go about one’s busy day or leisurely strolls to an evening soiree.

Everyone is familiar with the standard list of gym bag essentials, which typically include athletic shoes, workout clothes, gym socks, towel, washcloth, headphones and of course, a reusable water bottle. No one would deny that all these items constitute invaluable equipment for a productive workout, but it is also wise to plan for the immediate aftermath of your gym session. It is therefore important to equip your gym bag with the following essentials:

Body Wash

It is always a good idea to shower after exercise. Copious sweating is, of course, the body’s own way of regulating its temperature and will provide an effective temporary moisturiser, however, sweat also contains bacteria and, if it is allowed to dry on the skin, it can lead to irritation, spots, acne or unsightly redness. Therefore a body wash, such as Truefitt & Hill’s Bath and Shower Gel, which is available in a range of fragrances, will eliminate any residual unpleasantness and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For a more vigorous and thorough skin workout, opt for Truefitt & Hill’s Invigorating Bath & Shower Scrub, which aides in removing dead skin build-up and smells refreshingly of rosemary and mint. If you are feeling brave there is always the option of turning the shower to ice cold, or at least cool, in the final stages, which is a bracing end to proceedings and effectively closes open pores. Shampoo for men


If you are opting for a thorough post-gym cleanse then you will certainly wish to wash your hair. Try a good daily shampoo such as Truefitt & Hill’s Frequent Use Shampoo, which will not only give your hair a gentle cleanse, but will also add body and shine. It is formulated to be suitable for all hair types and there is no doubt that it is an essential addition to any gym bag. Like the Invigorating Bath & Shower Scrub, it is pleasingly scented with rosemary and mint, with both fragrances pleasantly complementing one another.


The after effects of vigorous exercise can be quite prolonged, so it behoves the hygiene conscious man to carry Truefitt & Hill’s deodorant in his gym bag. Formulated to utilise a series of naturally occurring processes to effectively eliminate body odour, it is designed to be aluminium and paraben free and it is an indispensable item for the modern gentleman on the go. A quick dab is an effective precautionary step and will ensure the lingering after effects of your exercise regime do not result in an olfactory assault.Deodorant

Facial Cleanser

Inevitably, you will wipe your sweaty brow as you work out, transferring germs and bacteria from gym equipment to your face, so it is very important to ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed after every gym session. Truefitt & Hill’s Daily Facial Cleanser is your best choice as it not only contains Jojoba beads, which gently exfoliate the skin, but also a carefully balanced blend of essential oils, which will help to moisturise and condition it. Afterwards, a quick dab of Truefitt & Hill’s Advanced Facial Moisturiser will provide an effective moisture barrier and leave you feeling ready to face your day. Daily Facial cleanser

Finishing Touches

While we all know that the finishing touches do not make the man, they will most certainly make a huge difference to one’s appearance! There are a number of products which should firmly feature on a grooming essentials list ensuring that you face the world looking polished and unruffled, with just a touch of that elusive post-exercise radiance.


A good quality comb is a must have accessory for quick post-shower grooming and styling routine, Truefitt & Hill’s small ox horn pocket comb is a compact and highly portable choice that no gentleman should be without.

Hair styling products

Post-gym showering can often be a fairly rushed affair, and if you are worried that your newly washed hair is going to be unruly and wayward, then it is wise to pack a product, such as Truefitt & Hill’s Circassian Cream, to provide a natural hold and leave the hair discreetly groomed.Circassian Cream


Finally, an all-important spritz of your favourite cologne. You can match your fragrance to your shower gel, as Truefitt & Hill provide both in a range of unique fragrances, including Grafton, Sandalwood, 1805, West Indian Limes, Trafalgar and Aspley.

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