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Celebrate Trafalgar Day with Truefitt & Hill

Regular visitors to our site (tell your friends!) will have noticed that we are approaching a very important date in the history of Truefitt & Hill. This date coincidentally also happens to mark a rather significant milestone in the history of the United Kingdom. If you are thinking it must be when we first snipped Churchill's hair ,significant as this was, you are some way off (and perhaps not such a regular visitor). We are in fact referring to Trafalgar Day on the 21st of October. What is the relationship between Truefitt & Hill and Trafalgar Day? Read on and all will be revealed...


Francis Truefitt opened his first salon in Mayfair, London, on the 21st of October, 1805. On the same day as page one of the story of Truefitt & Hill was written, Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson was to defeat the combined fleets of the French and Spanish at the Battle of Trafalgar. Was he motivated to victory by the auspicious opening of Truefitt's? We can only speculate wildly. Brave Nelson was sadly killed in the battle and a nation mourned a hero.


Trafalgar Day commemorates the date of this historic victory, which this year coincides with the 210th anniversary of Truefitt & Hill. We are proudly certified as the oldest barbershop in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.


How can we pass this date by without celebrating? You are right, we can't so why not celebrate with us? Do call in at 71 St. James’s St. on Trafalgar Day where we will be serving champagne and offering a 25% discount on all 1805 and Trafalgar toiletries including shaving creams, colognes and aftershave balms.


Truefitt & Hill, Grooming Men for Greatness Since 1805.


Picture courtesy of William Lionel Wyllie.

Made In Britain

All our products have been carefully crafted in England since 1805. Their essence is British heritage at its best. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, chemists, designers and craftsmen work tirelessly to deliver products known today for their distinctive tradition of innovation and excellence. Our iconic ranges will continue to be produced in England as we constantly endeavour to bring new and exciting products in response to our customer’s needs.

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