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Truefitt & Hill x Morgan Motor Company

Truefitt & Hill x Morgan Motor Company

We are delighted to bring you the news of our latest collaboration with the iconic Morgan Motor Company, a family-owned manufacturer of hand-build, British sports cars, famous the world over for their unique blend of craft, heritage and pure driving pleasure.

Morgan is brilliantly British, and like Truefitt & Hill, it is considered a staple of great craftsmanship, tradition and style. The synergy between the brands goes further as both Morgan and Truefitt & Hill represent wonderful examples of what makes Britain great. Both brands’ legacy inspires innovation for their future and this latest collaboration is a subtle nod to our respective brands’ spectacular heritage and reputation as purveyors of excellence. 




The first phase of our collaboration focused on rebrand of our C.A.R Lotion & C.A.R. Cream. First created in the early 1900’s for the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall and from where it took its name, C.A.R. Cream and C.A.R. Lotion became an instant success.



Back in 1900’s, life on the open road was literally hair-raising! Behind the wheel of the latest fad, the ‘drop-head’ motor, later to be known as the familiar convertible, drivers were quickly discovering how this new exposure to the elements affected their immaculate appearances. With open-top cars bringing a new sense of speed, an unkempt coiffure posed a challenge. It was these gentlemen who saw the need for grooming products of the highest order to maintain both their on-and-off-the-road appearance. In their droves, wearing off-white kid-skin gloves, silk scarves and the very latest Savile Row attire they streamed to Truefitt’s for hair preparations to enhance their sartorial elegance with a carefully-honed and exacting hair style. Before long, society’s finest ‘Motor Head’s’ were bumper to bumper, each badgering their Truefitt & Hill Master Barber for the ultimate solution to tame their wild locks. With their flair for product ingenuity, Truefitt’s were quick to react and provide an answer: C.A.R Cream or C.A.R Lotion. From then on, Mayfair motorists with their now slicked, flattened and fixed hair, became fashionable and fastidious leaders of speed. Well over a century later, Truefitt & Hill have collaborated with the venerated Morgan Cars to ensure that motorists maintain same dapper and elegant appearance with a carefully-honed and exacting hair style.


Photo credit: Morgan Motor Company archive

To support the relaunch of the C.A.R Cream and C.A.R Lotion, we created a limited number of co-branded leather wash bags that combine in their design a military wet pack and a tool roll, a subtle nod to both brands rich heritage – all complete with their own Morgan chassis plate each individually numbered.



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