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Deluxe Facial Treatment

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Deluxe Facial Treatment

At Truefitt & Hill we pride ourselves on delivering the very best when it comes to facial treatments. Our deluxe treatment is a unique and balanced programme which nourishes, cleanses and stimulates the skin precisely.

The treatment includes:

- Exfoliation (the removal of dead skin cells),

- Cleansing (the removal of everyday pollutants),

- The extraction of comedones, 

- Toning (to refresh the skin),

- The application of a mask (to help tighten the skin),

- Moisturising (along with an extended face and neck massage and a light application of serum around the eyes).

Hot towels are applied at the beginning of the procedure and after exfoliation.

To maintain good overall condition, our experts recommend booking a consultation with us every four to six weeks.

We offer a range of facial appointments which run from 30 to 60 minutes.


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